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La Posada del Quinde is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Though posada is the Spanish word for inn, or place of lodging, it is also derived from the word posar, which means to rest or to perch. Quinde is the Ecuadorian Kichwa word for hummingbird. Just as a hummingbird calms its frenzied flight to pose on a branch, we hope that our guests will take their time here at the inn to relax and come back to center.


La Posada del Quinde came to be in 2009 when Maggie Reniers, a woman from California who had fallen in love with Ecuador years before, stayed at a beautiful hotel that was for sale. Under Maggie’s direction, La Posada del Quinde was born. La Posada del Quinde imbues a spirit of positivity and tranquility, providing a window into the Ecuadorian culture from the comforts of a cozy hotel.


All of our spacious accommodations and heated guestrooms have tile floors, folk décor, and bathrooms boasting steaming hot showers. Additionally, there is free WiFi wireless internet access in the hotel common areas and a complimentary guest computer for those not traveling with their own. All of the rooms and suites overlook the garden, where guests can enjoy a good book or snap pictures of hummingbirds. In fact, the birdwatching in our garden can be quite good. For those traveling with families and groups, the suites sleep up to 7 people and offer roomy living and dining areas, as well as balconies overlooking Otavalo. Our native Ecuadorian staff is incredibly helpful and will ensure that you have a pleasant stay.


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