How to Get to La Posada del Quinde in Otavalo, Ecuador

From Quito, there are a few options to get to Otavalo. They depend on how much you are willing to pay, ($) and how adventurous you want your trip to be (!):

1 Public Bus

From Terminal Carcelén (Quito’s northern bus terminal), Otavalo is about a two-hour bus ride costing $2. There are storage bins for luggage underneath the buses or you can keep things at your feet if you’ve packed lightly. There are rarely problems on the buses, but we caution you to stay alert. You can get a taxi to Terminal Carcelén from anywhere in Quito. $ !!!


2 Private Taxi

There are a variety of operators who make trips between Quito and Otavalo, costing anywhere from $65-100 depending on number of passengers, pickup address and vehicle type. Drivers can also be arranged to/from the hotel from/to any point in Ecuador.Contact Us for private taxi arrangements. $$ !


3 Car Rental

Though it is expensive and a bit daring to rent or hire a car in Ecuador and brave the roads, there are plenty of agencies in Quito where you can find a car (most well-known agencies like Hertz and Budget). Be sure to have your country’s driver’s license on hand if you are driving, as they will sometimes ask for your documents at checkpoints. $$$ !!!

We will help to arrange travel in whatever way we can. Click here for a couple maps to assist you in your travel.

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