Miguel Andrango, Weaver from Otavalo, Ecuador



Miguel Andrango is Ecuador’s most famous weaver. According to many of our guests who have been to Miguel’s home, visiting with him is akin to a spiritual experience. He shows visitors the step-by-step process by which he cleans the wool, spins and dyes the yarn, and weaves richly-colored textiles on the sort of loom that has been used here for thousands of years–the backstrap loom. One-of-a-kind weavings are for sale and are very worthy of a collection. You can also find a number of Miguel’s pieces (and those of his children and grandchildren) on the walls of our restaurant, Café Pachamama, where they are also for sale.

We are working together with Miguel to get a weaving school started to keep the backstrap-loom tradition alive. If you have any interest in being a participant or bringing a group to do a weaving workshop with Miguel and his family, please contact maggie@posadaquinde.com or fill out the form at this page.